SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT 50 set online model exam

Secretariat Assistant Model Exam Series organised for the use of serious aspirant for Secretariat Assistant who possess fairly good experience in writing PSC Exams.

The model exam series is a highbrid of 35 sets of online Model Exam for Secretariat Assistant and 15 sets of printed Model Exam Questions. The 35 sets of online Model Exam can be practised in the internet for 3 to 4 months and cover the most likely questions and its related facts in systematic way. One month before the examination 15 sets of printed Secretariat Assistant Model Exam in the exact replica form of PSC exam will be despatched to the candidate with specimen answer sheet. After practising each model exam candidate can check their answers online. The 15 set of Printed Model Exam is set to the candidate to provide the actual experience of writing offline exam. If PSC decided to make the actual exam online, we will cancel the 15 offline printed model exams and make them online too.

The free for 50 sets of Brilliance College Model Exam for Secretariat Assistant is Rs. 800/- The amount can be remitted to any of Brilliance College branches or send the amount MO/DD to Brilliance College, S.S. Kovil Road, Thampanoor, Trivandrum or Transfer the amount to Brilliance College C/A with SBT No: .............................