General Knowlegde


Joining words:

Example: I have a car and a house.

Conjunctions joining phrases:

Example: The fisherman is happy walking along the

beach and carrying a bucket full of fish.

Conjunctions joining sentences:

He walked to his car. He got into it.

He walked to his car and got into it.

Will you have tea? Will you have coffee?

Will you have tea or coffee?

She is tired. She cannot sleep.

She is tired but she cannot sleep.

Besides ‘and’,’ or’ and ‘but’, other common

Conjunctions include: because, if, so, although,

unless, therefore, etc.

Conjunctions can join nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs


I have a pen and a book. (Joining two nouns)

He joked and we laughed. (Joining two verbs)

She is beautiful and tall. (Joining two adjectives)

He eats quickly and noisily. (Joining two adverbs)



Fill in the blanks with these words: although,

and, because, but, or, since, so, unless, until,


1. Things were different _____ I was young.

2. I do it _____ I like it.

3. Let us wait here _____ the rain stops.

4. You cannot be a lawyer ___ you have a law


5. That was years _____years ago.

6. She has not called _____ she left last week.

7. I saw him leaving an hour _____ two ago.

8. This is an expensive _____ very useful book.

9. We were getting tired ____ we stopped for a rest.

10. He was angry _____ he heard when happened.


1. When 2.because 3.until 4.unless 5.and 6.since 7.or

8.but 10.when